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The Land Matrix is an independent global land monitoring initiative that promotes transparency and accountability in decisions over large-scale land acquisitions (LSLAs) in low- and middle-income countries across the world. The initiative actively collects information about land deals from publicly available sources (such as media, internet, research, contracts, and government and company websites), while partner organisations contribute through their own field research. A network of reporters (including civil society organisations, researchers, and practitioners) validate and collect additional information as well. The Land Matrix’s online open access platform strives to stimulate inclusive debate on the trends and impacts of such acquisitions, facilitate wide participation in collecting and sharing information about these deals, and contribute to the growing movement towards open data. In this way, the initiative aims to support greater public involvement in critical decisions that affect the lives of land-users and strengthen the positions of more vulnerable stakeholders in the political and administrative processes that govern access to land.

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Library Resource

Land Grabbing

Reports & Research
December, 2019
Latin America and the Caribbean

Esta publicación presenta una caracterización del fenómeno de las GTT en varios países de América Latina basada en los casos de la Land Matrix. Sobre Argentina, hay una caracterización para el Chaco Salteño que analiza además una metodología de trabajo para la identificación de GTT, los conflictos socio-ambientales en el Chaco, fundamentalmente en cuanto a la tenencia de la tierra y a los desmontes para ampliación de frontera agropecuaria.

Library Resource
Reports & Research
May, 2019
Latin America and the Caribbean

Este dossier presenta los resultados de la investigación de 6 de nuestros colaboradores y socios en la Región.  En todos, el paraguas común es la búsqueda de diversos efectos sociales y ambientales de las grandes transacciones de tierra de la Land Matrix; que logren desenmascarar las situaciones de acaparamiento en la Región

Library Resource
Large Scale Land Acquisitions Profile Cambodia
Policy Papers & Briefs
February, 2019

This country profile presents the Land Matrix data for Cambodia, detailing large-scale land acquisition (LSLA) transactions that:

• entail a transfer ofrights to use, control or own land through sale, lease or concession;

• have an intended size of 200 hectares (ha) or larger;

• have been concluded since the year 2000;

• are affected by a change of use (often from extensive or ecosystem service provision to commercial use);

• include deals for agricultural and forestry purposes. Mining operations are excluded.

Library Resource
DRC Land Matrix cover image
Reports & Research
July, 2018
Democratic Republic of the Congo

Ce profil pays présente les données de la Land Matrix pour République Démocratique du Congo et inclut les acquisitions de terres à grande échellequi:

• consistent en des transferts du droit d’exploitation ou de contrôle des terres au moyen bail ou de la concession;

• couvrent des surfaces de 200 hectares ou plus;

• ont été initiées depuis l’année 2000;

• impliquent une conversion potentielle des terres (souvent de pâturages extensifs et de services écosystémiques vers un usage agricole);

Library Resource
Land Matrix Tanzania Country Profile cover image
Reports & Research
December, 2016

Through collecting data on large-scale land transactions, the Land Matrix increases transparency to foster accountability of investors and other parties involved in large-scale land transactions. The Land Matrix aims to contribute in an innovative and relevant way to the growing movement towards open development - allowing for greater public involvement in critical decisions that affect the lives of land-users around the world.

The LM Africa Focal Point developed a detailed profile of large-scale land acquisitions in Tanzania.

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