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marital property rights

Entitlement to enjoy ownership advantages, due to marital status.

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Reports & Research
September 2006

In Rwanda, two factors make land a highly important and contested issue. First,
Rwanda has the highest person-to-land ratio in Africa. This creates tremendous
pressure on land in a country where most of the population lives in rural areas, and
where agriculture remains the central economic activity. Second, Rwanda is recovering

Journal Articles & Books
August 2006

Full citation: Brown, J. and Uvuza, J., "Women’s Land Rights in Rwanda: How can they be protected and strengthened as the Land Law is implemented?" 123 RDI REPORT (September 2006).

Journal Articles & Books
August 2006

This paper aims to demonstrate that China's land policy and land law are altered in social interactions between different actors. Such social processes have led to the gendering of rural land tenure practices, but also a highly heterogeneous situation with regard to land tenure.

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