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marital property rights

Entitlement to enjoy ownership advantages, due to marital status.

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Journal Articles & Books
August 2011

IFPRI Discussion Paper (International Food Policy Research Institute).

Reports & Research
August 2011

Full citation: Ubink, J.M. (2011). “Towards Customary Legal Empowerment in Namibia: Enhancing gender equality in customary justice systems.” International Development Law Organisation. - In Namibia, national authorities have made various interventions aimed at enhancing the functioning of customary law and traditional leadership.

Reports & Research
August 2010

Full citation: Duncan, B.A. (2010). “Cocoa, Marriage, Labour, and Land in Ghana: Some Matrilineal and Patrilineal Perspectives.” Africa: Journal of the International African Institute 80 (2), 301–21.

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