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December 2008

Land rental market development and off-farm employment have important implications for agricultural production. This study examined the effects of land rental market participation, the resulting land tenure contracts, and off-farm employment on the technical efficiency in rice production in rural China, using the one-step stochastic frontier approach.

January 2008
Sub-Saharan Africa

It is estimated that up to 84% of Malawians earn their livelihoods directly from agriculture - it contributes over 90% to export earnings, 40% to GDP and accounts for 85% of total employment.

Reports & Research
October 2006

Examines critical land issues and land related problems; the National Land Policy in the context of the national development agenda; global experiences and best practices in land reforms and implementing land policies, especially in post-conflict situations; implementation challenges; towards developing a comprehensive framework for implementing the NLP and the Organic Land Law (including a che

Reports & Research
March 2006

Contains women’s rights and state-led agrarian and market based land reforms; reinstating the state; engendering customary tenure; rights of indigenous people and marginalised groups; human rights violations; HIV/AIDS; the ‘feminisation of agriculture’.

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