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The act or process of making amends for something.

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December 2017
United Kingdom

These Regulations amend the Town and Country Planning (Permission in Principle) Order 2017 to allow local planning authorities to grant permission in principle for development the main purpose of which is housing development on an application to the authority in accordance with provisions inserted into that Order by this instrument.

December 2017

La présente loi détermine la gestion des propriétés titrées; les procédures d’immatriculation des immeubles; la procédure de reconstitution des documents fonciers notamment ceux perdus, inexploitables, détériorés, détruits ou déchirés; la procédure de régularisation des terrains à statuts obsolètes; les responsabilités relatives à l’exercice des fonctions des agents des services fonciers; les p

November 2017

The scope of this Law shall be to prevent speculation in agricultural land and preserve traditional forms of farming; to create conditions for the formation of rational land holdings and land consolidation; and to promote the rational use of agricultural land.

November 2017

These Rules of the National Land Commission implement provisions of the Land Registration Act in respect of the amount of compensation to be awarded for land acquired under the Act. It, among other things, sets out factors to be taken into consideration when assessing compensation. The Commission shall determine an award based on the market value of the land to be acquired.

November 2017

Article 38 (1) shall be amended to add the following wording: “Article 38 (1). The use of agricultural land for rural tourism (agro-tourism). Owners of agricultural land can place on these lands structures for the reception of tourists of the category of agrotouristic boarding house without changing the designation of the respective land.

 Consolider le droit au partage des bénéfices au Gabon – Recommandations
Reports & Research
October 2017

A l’occasion de l’adoption du Code forestier en 2001, le Gabon a instauré un droit au partage des bénéfices au profit des communautés locales impactées par l’exploitation forestière. Alors que la législation forestière est actuellement en cours de révision, ce document a pour objectif de formuler des recommandations pour consolider l’encadrement de ce droit et sa mise en oeuvre.

Conference Papers & Reports
September 2017
South Africa

The Groningen Centre for Law and Governance (GCLG) and the University of Cape Town collaborated with the Global Land Tool Network and True Price to convene the fourth annual colloquium on Expropriation Law in Cape Town.

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