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The act or process of making amends for something.

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These Regulations implement provisions of the Mortgage Insurance Act in respect of a wide variety of matters including application for an approved loan, criteria for approval of a loan, the relationship between the approved lender and the Jamaica Mortgage Bank, insurance of an approved loan and conditions of insurance.

Implements: Mortgage Insurance Act. (2011)

Northern Europe

This Law makes provision for the legal registration of land, buildings, structures and other real property ,the status of the Real Property Register of the Republic of, the establishment of this register, its record-keeping, reorganization and liquidation, the rights, duties and liability of the institutions managing the Real Property Register.

Western Europe

Article 1 of the present Law establishes that the compulsory transfer of property is admitted only if necessary and in the public interest; in such a case a full compensation shall be paid. The expropriation can apply to movables, immovables and rights and can be permanent or temporary In principle, expropriation of private property shall be limited to the minimum unavoidable.

Sri Lanka
Southern Asia

This Act amends the Land Reform (Special Provisions) Act. Section 42J of the principal act is amended concerning compensation payments to public companies. Section 3 relates to the retrospective operation of section 2 including definitions of the term 'compensation' for use within the Act.

Amends: Land Reform (Amendment) Act. (1983)

Eastern Europe

This Ministerial Decree sets forth the procedure for carrying out tenders for land lease contracts for construction following a local decision authorizing the expropriation and allotment of land. Any legal person, individual entrepreneur or foreign legal person shall be authorized to participate in the tender.

Cape Verde
Western Africa

This Law, composed of 4 articles, authorises the Government to define the legal status of land thus revising former Law No. 2030 of 22 June 1948. In particular, the Law provides the framework under which the Government shall revise the former system.


This Act regulates certain sales of land, it consists of 37 sections and is divided into four Parts. The objectives of the Act are: a) to facilitate property development in Queensland; b) to protect the interests of consumers in relation to property development; and c) to ensure that proposed allotments and proposed lots are clearly identified (sect. 2).

Costa Rica
Central America

La presente Ley de Adquisiciones, Expropiaciones y Constitución de Servidumbres del Instituto Costarricense de Electricidad, declara de utilidad pública los bienes inmuebles, sean fincas completas, porciones, derechos o intereses patrimoniales legítimos, que por su ubicación sean necesarios, a juicio del Instituto Costarricense de Electricidad (ICE), para el cumplimiento de sus fines, que podrá

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