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Reports & Research
July 2000

Examines the impact of the recent farm invasions in Zimbabwe. The independence compromises forced on Zimbabwe (and Namibia and South Africa) implied the legitimation of a century and more of past white land grabbing which could only be changed with the consent of the beneficiaries of this past expropriation.

January 2000

To accommodate the needs of hundreds of thousands of returnees after war and fgenocide in 1994, the new Rwandan Government launched a settlement programme, Imidugudu. Since early 1997, this programme has targeted the entire rural population: all scattered households in the country had to be regrouped in villages.

January 1998
South America

El presente Decreto reglamenta la Ley Nº 333 de 1996, en lo relativo a la destinación provisional y asignación definitiva de los bienes rurales con caracterizada vocación rural en favor del Instituto Colombiano de la Reforma Agraria (INCORA), y dicta disposiciones relacionadas con su adjudicación.

Legislation & Policies
November 1997
South Africa

To provide for measures with State assistance to facilitate long-term security of land tenure; to regulate the conditions of residence on certain land; to regulate the conditions on and circumstances under which the right of persons to reside on land may be terminated; and to regulate the conditions and circumstances under which

July 1995

Artículo 1.- La presente Ley establece los principios generales necesarios para promover la inversión privada en el desarrollo de las actividades económicas en las tierras del territorio nacional y de las comunidades campesinas y nativas.

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