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Reports & Research
October 2018
South Africa

In recent decades, many countries in sub-Saharan Africa have pursued national water permit systems, derived from the colonial era and reinforced by “global best practice.” These systems have proved logistically impossible to manage and have worsened inequality in water access.

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Conference Papers & Reports
March 2017

This preliminary study involved consultation of responsible district government officials and relevant Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) on various issues related to land and investments. Among other areas, the Southern Agricultural Growth Corridor of Tanzania (SAGCOT) was selected as a study site and study used the Focus Group Discussions (FGDs) to obtain information.

Conference Papers & Reports
December 2016
South Africa

This report, a summary of the substantial challenges that continue to plague South Africa’s efforts to reform land administration system, proposes that key decision-makers and informers involved in communal land administration undergo a mindshift in thinking.

Reports & Research
December 2016

This paper will critically examine the inter relation between land acquisition, development and displacement. In addition, this paper analyses the rights of displaced under Indian and international laws with special reference to recent states different legislation on land acquisition.

Reports & Research
August 2016

Quila Quila refleja un caso de disputa de pueblos indígenas originarios ante el Estado, por la defensa de su territorio y reconocimiento de su autonomía. Sus luchas datan de la invasión española, han estado latentes durante la república, y se articulan a la disputa abierta por los territorios indígenas de fines de siglo XX, así como el cambio constitucional entre el 2006 y 2009.

Policy Papers & Briefs
July 2016

Executive summary:
"In January 2016 the government adopted a National Land Use Policy, which included the recognition
of customary land management practices. While this is a welcome first step in the necessary
integration of Burma’s customary land management systems with the national-level system,

Reports & Research
February 2016

Las autoridades campesinas de Zongo en la lucha por la defensa de su territorio demostraron que legítimamente son autoridades para ejercer justicia en sus territorios y en lugares donde la gente quiera acogerse a su jurisdicción, se abrió un camino para practicar su autodeterminación recuperando las tierras que había acaparado un empresario minero.

February 2015

Using a newly compiled database of
women's property rights and legal capacity covering 100
countries over 50 years, this paper analyzes the triggers
and barriers to reform. The database documents gender gaps
in the ability to access and own assets, to sign legal

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