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Journal Articles & Books
December 2020

The State of Agricultural Commodity Markets presents commodity market issues in an objective and accessible way to policy-makers, commodity market observers and stakeholders interested in agricultural commodity market developments and their impacts on countries at different levels of economic development.

Peer-reviewed publication
September 2020

Papua New Guinea is a country in Oceania that hosts unique rain forests and forest ecosystems which are crucial for sequestering atmospheric carbon, conserving biodiversity, supporting the livelihood of indigenous people, and underpinning the timber market of the country.

 Droits de propriété foncière des communautés locales et populations autochtones en République du Congo
Reports & Research
July 2020

Ce rapport présente et analyse les dispositions internationales et nationales encadrant les droits de propriété foncière des communautés locales et populations autochtones en République du Congo.

Il s'agit d'un document à but éducatif visant à améliorer l'accès et la compréhension des lois congolaises.

an open up guide on land governance
Conference Papers & Reports
March 2020

This report provides a summary of an online workshop on March 16th 2020, organised in place of a planned fringe meeting of the World Bank Land and Poverty Conference which was cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The 2-hour digital workshop brought together over 40 participants from across the world to discuss key data and key open data use-cases for land governance.

Institutional & promotional materials
October 2015

The first set of the land laws were enacted in 2012 in line with the timelines outlined in the Constitution of Kenya 2010. In keeping with the spirit of the constitution, the Land Act, Land Registration Act and the national Land Commission Act respond to the requirements of Articles 60, 61, 62, 67 & 68 of the Constitution.

Journal Articles & Books
December 2007

The figures of public resources estimated to have been channeled into private pockets are so high one hopes, obviously against hope, that they would turn out to be typographical errors.

Journal Articles & Books
January 2007
Latin America and the Caribbean
South America
Este livro é resultado de muitos anos de reflexões e de pesquisas desenvolvidas pelos autores dos capítulos que o compõem. Como especialistas nos temas abordados, apresentam aqui trabalhos que dão continuidade à produção científica que vem desenvolvendo, sendo que parte dela encontra-se citada nas referências bibliográficas dos respectivos capítulos.

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