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Institutional and promotional materials for an organization, such as annual reports and brochures.

Institutional & promotional materials
December 2016

The Regional Office for Asia and the Pacific (RAP) has now in place its Gender Strategy and Action Plan 2017-2019. Building on the corporate Policy on Gender Equality (2012) and the spirit of the 2030 Sustainable Development Agenda, the Strategy provides new focus to gender-related work in the region and identifies main delivery mechanisms for the next three years.

Institutional & promotional materials
July 2018

自由事先知情同意是受国际人权标准保护的一项原则,同时也与自决权相联系。自由事先知情同意原则得到了《联合国土著民族权利宣言》、《生物多样性公约》及国际劳工组织《第169号公约》的支持 。本手册是粮农组织与若干协作组织自2015年7月启动协商进程以来的结晶本手册,是专为发展组织的项目从业人员设计的工具。

Institutional & promotional materials
December 2018

Angola and FAO have engaged in close cooperation since the country joined the Organization in<p></p>1977.

Institutional & promotional materials
November 2018

This flyer introduces the project on "Support sustainable water management and irrigation modernization for newly reclaimed areas", its purpose and activities. It will be distributed in workshops, meetings, conferences, etc. Hence, the general public including media would be able to know about the project and will become interested in its activities.

Institutional & promotional materials
May 2018
Burkina Faso

BRIDGES contribue à l’initiative de la Grande<p></p>Muraille Verte, programme panafricain visant à<p></p>rendre prospères les terres arides de plus de 20<p></p>pays autour du Sahara en répondant aux défis de<p></p>la déforestation, de la désertification, de la perte<p>&a

Institutional & promotional materials
April 2019

La boîte à outils de LRP est une source en ligne librement accessible pour un éventail de parties prenantes et fournit des informations techniques sur les outils et les approches pour aider les decideurs politiques à différents niveaux pour surmonter les obstacles au niveau politique et faciliter la mise en place de solutions viables sur le terrain.

Institutional & promotional materials
February 2018

En este folleto se brinda información general sobre el Proyecto de Promoción del Manejo Sostenible de la Tierra (ProTierras), cuyo objetivo es reducir la degradación de tierras mediante el desarrollo de un modelo de gestión territorial sustentable.

Institutional & promotional materials
May 2018

On the occasion of FAO Egypt's 40th Anniversary, this booklet is produced to highlight FAO's achievements and support to the Egyptian Government over the past 40 years. It will give a glimpse on how FAO started its work in Egypt and will also highlight the main projects that made a difference as well as shed light on the future country programming framework.

Institutional & promotional materials
February 2018

Since Zambia joined FAO in 1965, cooperation has focused on the provision of technical assistance across the country’s<p></p>agriculture sector, including rural development.

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