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Library Quarries: From Abandoned to Renewed Places

Quarries: From Abandoned to Renewed Places

Quarries: From Abandoned to Renewed Places
Volume 9 Issue 5

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May 2020
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Numerous industrial pits are discarded after their exploitation in every part of the world. Humanity both transforms the original morphology of the landscape, due to industrial activity in the territory, and, at the same time, rejects this "new" situation. This is to the detriment of the landscape, which is witness to this transfiguration, degradation, and abandonment. What is the future of these impersonal and empty areas? In this article, we present a general survey concerning the notion of quarry reuse to highlight the importance of this current and common problem. Our work approached the topic through a combination of the main concepts and a description of selected cases of study of quarry reconversions, sensitive to the environmental issues, climate changes, and sustainability. According to this premise, the research also provides an innovative matrix of schemes to classify the existing fundamental methods of recovery. For this effect, the investigation was proposed to be an instrument to improve the knowledge in the scientific and theoretical sectors, flanking the practical understanding, which has already started to move in this direction of reconversion, as the paper shows.

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Talento, Katia
Amado, Miguel
Kullberg, José C.

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