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Library Research of compatibility and systemity of land management terminology

Research of compatibility and systemity of land management terminology

Research of compatibility and systemity of land management terminology

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December 2018
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The analysis results of common terms in land management and their interpretations in normative-legal acts of Ukraine are presented. It have been established collisions and significant differences in the wording of even such common terms as a land parcel, a boundary of land parcel, a size of land parcel, etc. The purpose of the study is to identify collisions and contradictions of some key terms used in land surveying and geodetic works, as well as development of concrete proposals for improving and perfection the relevant terms. For this purpose, the following tasks were set and solved: analysis of regulatory legal acts of Ukraine concerning the conceptual apparatus of land management, systematization and generalization of substantiation results of the relevant terms correction need, development of proposals taking into account works content on land management and geodetic works for information provision of the State Land Cadastre. In the course of the study, the comparative method of analysis and the systematization of inconsistencies in the current normative legal acts of Ukraine regarding the terms and their interpretation are used. During the proposals development, known approaches "from general to partial" and vice versa were used. The established disadvantages do not allow unambiguously interpreting and performing such important work as geodetic setting or restoration of the land parcels boundaries, resolution of land disputes between adjacent users of land parcels. Completed summaries of content and wording of the relevant terms justify a need for correction of the terms and additions to their definitions. It was set the features of each term. As a result of integrated approach to solution of the existing problem and systematization of established differences, the general wording and detailed specification of the analyzed terms interpretations are proposed. Knowledge of technological stages for geodetic and land management works provided an opportunity to improve the geodetic information support of the State Land Cadastre. The proposals for correction of the studied terms eliminate existing contradictions, provide an unambiguous interpretation of land management terminology, which leads to the exact execution of geodetic and land management works, and, accordingly, obtaining reliable information for the State Land Cadastre.

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Trevoho, I., Lviv Polytechnic National Univ. (Ukraine)
Riabchii, V., Dnipro Polytechnic National Technical Univ. (Ukraine)
Riabchii, V., Dnipro Polytechnic National Technical Univ. (Ukraine)

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