Legal Review of the Draft Legislation Enabling Recognition of Community Land Rights in Kenya | Land Portal

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January 2012

This document summarizes a legal and policy review of the Community Land Bill (Oct. 2011 draft), the Land Bill (5 Dec. 2011 draft), and the Land Registration Bill (12 Dec. 2011 draft) with respect to the recognition of community land rights. This review was commissioned by the USAID Kenya SECURE Project upon request of the Ministry of Lands and Land Reform Transformation Unit. The review was conducted by Adarkwah Yaw Antwi, a land tenure expert who assisted the SECURE Project in the development of the Community Land Rights Recognition Model with the Ministry of Lands, and Patricia Kameri-Mbote, a Kenyan lawyer who worked extensively with the Government of Kenya in the development of the National Land Policy. The Kenya SECURE Project is a sub-component of the USAID Property Rights and Resource Governance Program (Contract No. EPP-I-OO-06-0008-00).

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