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Library LEGEND Land Policy Bulletin 2

LEGEND Land Policy Bulletin 2

LEGEND Land Policy Bulletin 2
Stepping up work on responsible land investments
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September 2015
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The ever-rising demand for food and natural resources has caused a dramatic increase in land based investments in recent years. This increase has raised a number of issues and challenges for governments, international agencies and civil society to explore and address — the most burning of which being: ‘how do we ensure that land investments are transparent, sustainable and responsible?’

In this second issue, LEGEND’s Land Policy Bulletin focuses on the question of responsible land investments and takes stock of relevant recent initiatives, news and developments.

The Land Policy Bulletins are produced by the Core Land Support Team (CLST) for DFID's programme on responsible investment - Land: Enhancing Governance for Economic Development (LEGEND).

LEGEND partners include:

A ‘Core Land Support Team’ comprising of KPMG (link is external)Overseas Development Institute (ODI) (link is external)Natural Resources Institute (NRI - University of Greenwich) (link is external)International Institute for Environment and Development (IIED) (link is external)Institute of Development Studies (IDS - University of Sussex) (link is external) and Institute for Poverty, Land and Agrarian Studies (PLAAS - University of Western Cape) (link is external), with additional technical expertise coming from DAI (link is external) and Cloudburst (link is external).

FAO - to implement the globally negotiated Voluntary Guidelines on Land Tenure (link is external)
Global Donor Platform (link is external) - to ensure coordination, coherence and influence around land

The INGO Landesa (link is external) - to pilot good investment practice with businesses, civil society and governments

The Land Portal Foundation - to become an online one-stop-shop for data, information and debate on land

The Rights and Resources Initiative (link is external) and The Munden Project (link is external) - to make corporate investment risk assessments land-sensitive

The World Bank (link is external) to assess land governance for investment climate reform.

For more information download this Land Policy Bulletin.


You can also send suggestions and comments to (link sends e-mail)

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