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Library Law No. 2924 supporting the development of forest villagers.

Law No. 2924 supporting the development of forest villagers.

Law No. 2924 supporting the development of forest villagers.

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The purpose of this Law, which includes 21 articles and 1 supplementary article in 4 sections, is the placement of villagers within forests who are decided to be transferred and to support the development of the forest villagers through the utilization of the areas excluded from forest. This Law consists of the following areas excluded from forest boundaries by the Forest Cadastre Commissions in accordance with Article 2 of the Forest Law No. 6831:a) Areas with certain advantage when transformed to agricultural areas without use in keeping as a forest scientifically;b) Ranges, wintersheds and highlands;c) Agricultural areas such as; vineyards, gardens, fruit gardens, olive groves, hazelnut and pistachio groves;d) Habitation areas where town, village, city establishments are found together. Cadastral surveying of land to be abandoned in State forests, expropriated lands and lands to be distributed according to Articles 11 and 12 of this Law are undertaken by General Directorate of Registry and Cadastre upon the request of Ministry of Forestry. Costs of resettlement and expropriations will be met from the Fund that has been established in accordance to Supplementary Article 3 of the Forestry Law, No. 6831. Evacuated in-forest settlement lands will be afforested by the General Directorate of Forestry. Registration, transfers and modifications that are covered by this Law are exempted from any kind of taxes, duties and levies.

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