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An Act to provide for the classification and administration of public land, and to regulate use of and the disposal of such land and and the acquisition of other land and related matters. The Minister may by order made under section 10 classify public land and declare the use for which he considers different classes to be adaptable. The Minister may purchase any estate or interest in land and any personal property in conjunction with it when in his opinion the land is required to carry out or assist in carrying out any policy, program, service or other matter under his administration (sect. 11). Section 17 concerns the sale of public land, whereas section 18 provides for grant of public land. The Minister may Order a land survey under section 22. Section 48 specifies measures that may be undertaken against unauthorized cultivation of public land. Subsequent provisions place other restrictions on the use of publi land. Section 70 and following regulate lease of public land and other rights of use of public land in particular use for agricultural purposes.

Implemented by: Public Lands Administration Regulation (Alta Reg 187/2011). (2013)
Implemented by: Recreational Access Regulation (Alta Reg 228/2003). (2010)
Implemented by: Exploration Dispute Resolution Regulation (Alta Reg. 227/2003). (2012)
Implemented by: Land Stewardship Fund Regulation (Alta Reg. 31/2011). (2016)
Implemented by: Forest Land Use and Management Regulations (Alta Reg. 197/76). (2010)
Implemented by: Exploration Regulation (Alta. Reg. 284/2006). (2012)
Implemented by: Metallic and Industrial Minerals Exploration Regulation (Alta Reg. 213/98). (2015)
Amended by: Wilderness Areas, Ecological Reserves and Natural Areas Amendment Act (RSA 2000, c. 18). (2014-12-17)

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