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Library Agriculture Act (No. 598 of 1999).

Agriculture Act (No. 598 of 1999).

Agriculture Act (No. 598 of 1999).

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The scope of this Act is to protect and develop cultivation of arable lands with specific regard to requirements of environment protection and to safeguard and enhance profitable farming.Agricultural properties shall be subject to conditions of farming as specified in the present Act (sect. 2). Agricultural properties shall be real property registered as such in the register ("matrikle"). The Minister of Food, Agriculture and Fisheries may undertake the classification of agricultural land for purposes of registration and use (sect. 3a). Chapter II contains general requirements regarding farming (including use of fertilizers) and construction of farms. Chapter IV concerns permission by the Minister for land consolidation, etc.The Act consists of VIII Chapters: Introduction (I); Use of land and buildings (II); Interoperability, joint operations, lease and tenancy (III); Conversion of land between farms (IV); Acquisition of agricultural property (V); Common provisions on acquisition and leasing (VI); General provisions (VII); Entry into force (VIII).

Repealed by: Act relative to agricultural properties (Act No. 435 of 2004). (2004-06-09)
Repealed by: Farms Act (No. 1202 of 2007). (2007-10-09)
Repealed by: Farms Act (No. 947 of 2006). (2006-09-12)

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