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Library Land and Resources Tribunal Act 1999.

Land and Resources Tribunal Act 1999.

Land and Resources Tribunal Act 1999.
An Act to establish the Land and Resources Tribunal, and for other purposes.

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The Act makes provision for the establishment, management, jurisdiction, powers, proceedings and other matters of the Land Tribunal. The Tribunal here established shall have jurisdiction as conferred upon it by this Act (with respect to agreements specified in section 51 and following and other Acts such as the Commonwealth Native Title Act). In addition, the Supreme Court may transfer certain proceedings to the Tribunal. There shall be a registrar of the Tribunal who shall be responsible for the management of the administrative affairs of the Tribunal (sect. 24 and following). The Tribunal shall have the same powers as the Supreme Court and may at its own initiative take actions specified in section 65.

Implemented by: Land and Resources Tribunal Rules 2000. (2000-05-05)

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