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Library Land Acquisition Act, 1960.

Land Acquisition Act, 1960.

Land Acquisition Act, 1960.
An Act relating to the acquisition of land, the assessment of compensation to be made on account of such acquisition, and other matters incidental thereto.

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The Act consists of the following Parts: (I) Preliminary; (II) Acquisition; (III) Summary enquiry; (IV) Taking possession of land; (V) Reference to Court; (VI) Service of notices; (VII) Temporary occupation or use of land; (VIII) Miscellaneous. Three Schedules, mainly concerning the determination of compensation, are attached.The State Authority is hereby authorized to acquire any land which may be needed as follows: (a) for any public purpose; (b) by any legal or natural person, when, according to the opinion of the State Authority itself, the acquisition shall be beneficial for the economic development of Malaysia; (c) for the purpose of mining or for residential, agricultural, commercial, industrial or recreational purposes or any combination thereof. The application for the acquisition of land shall be accompanied by the projects, documents, plan and report required under sub-section 3 of section 3. Thereafter, the application shall be subject to the valuation of the State Economic Planning Unit or the Committee for the Federal Territory of Kuala Lumpur, as the case may be. Part II of the Act regulates with full detail the procedure to be followed. Further provisions, on the other hand, regulate the taking of possession over lands in urgent cases and related compensation to be paid to the owner. Sections 57 to 61 deal with the temporary occupation or use of land, whenever it is required for the purposes defined by section 3 or to carry out public works. The occupation is allowed upon payment of compensation to the landowner.

Implemented by: Federal Territory of Putrajaya (Modification of Land Acquisition Act 1960) Order 2002. (2002-05-16)
Implemented by: Land Acquisition Rules 1998 (1998)
Implemented by: Land Acquisition Rules, 2017. (2017-11-30)

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