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Library Law No.887-XII of 1991 on enterprises.

Law No.887-XII of 1991 on enterprises.

Law No.887-XII of 1991 on enterprises.

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This Law shall determine types and organizational forms of enterprises, rules of their foundation, registration, re-organization and liquidation, and organizational mechanism to conduct their business under conditions of transition to the market economy. Natural resources shall be possessed and used on a paid basis by enterprises pursuant to the prescribed procedures and when envisaged by Ukrainian legislative acts – on privileged terms. Owners of land and land users shall annually pay fees for land in the form of a land tax or lease payment. An enterprise shall be obligated to take in time environmental protection measures aimed at reducing and compensating negative impact of its production activities on the environment, human health, and property of persons. The enterprise shall be liable, pursuant to Ukrainian law, for compliance with the requirements and norms as to protection, rational use, and ensuring renewal of land, water, subsoil, forests, and other natural resources to the standards specified by regulations, as well as for compliance with the prescribed norms of emission and dumping of contaminating substances and waste disposal in the environment.

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