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Library Law on investment activities (1992).

Law on investment activities (1992).

Law on investment activities (1992).

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The present Law defines legal, economic and social conditions of investment activities on the territory of Turkmenistan. It aims at ensuring equal protection of rights, interests and assets of a subject of investment activities regardless of property forms. Investments mean all kinds of property and intellectual values invested into the objects of entrepreneurial activities resulting in generating profit or obtaining social benefit. Such values may be the rights of land and other natural resources use, and other property rights. The document consists of IV Chapters that contain 22 Articles. Chapter I (arts. 1-5) lays down general provisions. Chapter II (Arts.6-9) regards realization of investment activities. Chapter III (Arts.10-18) deals with governmental regulation and management of investment activities. Chapter IV (Arts.19-22) establishes guarantees of rights and protection of investments.

Amended by: Law on amendments and addenda to the Law on investment activities (1993). (1993-04-12)
Repealed by: Law "On external economic activity". (2014-08-16)

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