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Library Public Lands (Private Roads) Act.

Public Lands (Private Roads) Act.

Public Lands (Private Roads) Act.
An Act to enable persons to construct and maintain private roads for mining, woodcutting, and other purposes on public lands, and to impose and recover, subject to certain conditions, tolls for the use of other persons of such roads.

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This Act grants power to the Minister to issue permission to anyone to construct or maintain on public lands any road necessary or useful for mining, woodcutting or other purposes. The Minister may attach to the grant of permission such terms and conditions he or she thinks fit including the right to cut timber on public lands for purposes of road. The grantee of the permission shall be deemed to be the owner of the land occupied by the road for purposes of any enactment being in force relating to wilful trespassing on lands. Other provisions relate to land rights in relation to roads. The Minister may direct possession of land occupied by a road to be resumed for the benefit of the State under section 8. (12 sections)

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