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Library Regulations on mining operations (L.N. No. 19/1995).

Regulations on mining operations (L.N. No. 19/1995).

Regulations on mining operations (L.N. No. 19/1995).

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Regulations to implement provisions of the Mining proclamation and to otherwise regulate mining operations and related matters.The 47 regulations are divided into 7 Parts: General (I); Licenses related to mining operations (II); Discovery (III); Rights and obligations of licensees (IV); Fees, rentals, royalties and other payments (V); Infractions and sanctions (VI); Miscellaneous (VII).Part II contains provisions relative to application for prospecting, exploration, mining license, or Artisanal mining license, registration, notification and verification of applications, renewal, transfer and revocation of licenses. Part III further regulates notification of discoveries of existence of minerals as prescribed by the Act, verification and certification by the Licensing Authority and defines rights and obligations of a holder of a Discovery Certificate. Regulation 23 of Part IV makes specifications regarding infrastructure and other constructions related with mining operations, regulation 24 regulates disposal of minerals, regulation 26 concerns delimitation of boundaries of the mining area, whereas article 30 concerns health, safety and environmental protection.

Implements: Mining Proclamation No. 68/1995. (1995-03-20)

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