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Library Survey Act 1969.

Survey Act 1969.

Survey Act 1969.
Being an Act to provide for the registration of surveyors and the regulation of the practice of land surveying, and for related purposes.

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This Act applies only to and in relation to surveys of the boundaries of, or for the purpose of the establishment, re-establishment or determination of titles to, land, and other surveys authorized by the Surveyor General (sect. 3). The Head of the Division of Surveys of the Department responsible for land matters is the Surveyor General, and is charged with the administration of this Act. The Papua and New Guinea Surveyors Board is established under section 6. The Minister may, by notice in the National Gazette, appoint an officer of the Department to be the Registrar of Surveyors and Certified Measurers. The Registrar shall keep a Register of Surveyors and a Register of Certified Measurers (sect. 16). Following provisions concern qualification of Surveyors or Certified Measurers. Section 34 concerns appeal against decisions of the Board. Section 35 and following regulate the practice of land surveying, survey marks, etc. (55 sections divided into 7 Parts and completed by 1 Schedule)

Implemented by: Survey Regulation 1970. (2006-11-25)
Amended by: Survey (Amendment) Act 2016 (No. 28 of 2016). (2016-12-13)

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