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Library Rural Land (Farm Sizes) Regulations, 1999 (S.I. 419 of 1999).

Rural Land (Farm Sizes) Regulations, 1999 (S.I. 419 of 1999).

Rural Land (Farm Sizes) Regulations, 1999 (S.I. 419 of 1999).

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These Regulations place size limits on rural land in ownership. Rural land is basically land other than urban land, communal land or land owned by the State, a statutory body or a local authority. For the purposes of these Regulations, Zimbabwe shall be divided into classes of Natural Regions, depending upon the average rainfall during a year and the rainy season. Size limits for farms are specified for each class of Natural Region. The Director of Agritex, i.e. the person holding office as Director of the Department of Agricultural Technical and Extension Services in the Ministry of Lands and Agriculture, may grant exemptions depending upon the capability, suitability and additionally, or alternatively, the carrying capacity of the land concerned or the climatic conditions within the area concerned. If any area of a farm cannot be used economically for agriculture, ranching or any other purpose for which the rest of the farm may be lawfully used, the size limit shall apply in relation to the farm as if the area concerned were not part of the farm. Persons owning a farm exceeding the prescribed size may continue to own the farm but restrictions are placed on alienation of the land of the farm.

Implements: Rural Land Act [Chapter 20:18]. (2002)

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