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Library Land Consolidation Act (Cap. 283).

Land Consolidation Act (Cap. 283).

Land Consolidation Act (Cap. 283).

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This Act makes provision for various matters relating to the adjudication of title in land in areas of Trust land to which this Act applies in virtue of section 2 of this Act. The Minister may, at the request of a local authority, by Order, direct that this Act shall apply to such area of Trust land as is specified in the Order for purposes of the ascertainment of rights and interests in, and the consolidation of, and the registration of title to, any such area of Trust land (other than land to which the Land Adjudication Act applies). This land, called an adjudication area, shall be subject to rules of this Act relative to adjudication of title, i.e. of ownership or the existence under native law and custom of any right or interest whatsoever in, to or over any land in an adjudication area. There shall be for this purpose an Adjudication Officer in each adjudication section who shall exercise general control and supervision over the adjudication and registration of the adjudication area and may issue general or special directions as regards adjudication. This Officer shall appoint a Committee, which shall prepare an Adjudication Plan and carry out other functions, and the Minister shall appoint an Arbitration Board. The Committee shall set aside from land in the adjudication section such land as may, in its opinion, be required for the needs of the community.

Implemented by: Land Consolidation (Fees) Regulations (Cap. 283). (2010)
Implemented by: Land Consolidation Regulations (Cap. 283). (2012-12-31)

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