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Library Town and Country Planning Act.

Town and Country Planning Act.

Town and Country Planning Act.

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An Act to make provision for the planning of public space in the Netherlands at various levels of the administration and to regulate permission for specified constructions and destination of private property.The 113 sections of this Act are divided into 15 Chapters: Interpretation (I); State planning policy (II); Provincial planning policy (III); Municipal planning policy (IV); Regional planning policy (IVA); Directives of higher order with respect to municipal planning measures (V); Coordination of projects (VA); Exploitation directives (VI); Permits for construction (VII); Financial provisions (VIII); Planning bodies and advisory councils (IX); Complaints and appeal (IXA); Advising regarding appeal (IXB); Enforcement and penal provisions (X); Final provisions (XI).The Act does not apply to state waterworks. Various provisions concern coordination with environmental and water management and conservation policies.

Amended by: Act No. 271 of 2007 to amend the Town and Country Planning Act in relation with soil exploitation. (2007-05-24)
Amended by: Act No. 189 of 2003 containing small amendments and corrections to various Laws in the field of the public housing, the environment and town and country planning. (2003-04-03)
Repealed by: Act No. 566 of 2006 containing new rules regarding town and country planning (Town and Country Planning Act). (2010-07-21)

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