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Library Lands Regulations (Y.O.I.C. 1983/192).

Lands Regulations (Y.O.I.C. 1983/192).

Lands Regulations (Y.O.I.C. 1983/192).
Regulations governing the administration and disposal of Yukon lands.

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The present Regulations enact section 34(1) of the Environment Protection Act. The present Regualtions lay down provisions relating to the administration and disposal of lands in the Yukon. The text – consisting of 83 sections - deals with the following matters: application for dispositions of lands, sale of land, general provisions, residential class, country residential classe, rural residential class, lease purchase, lot enlargement, recreational class, agricultural classe, eligibility for agricultural lands, lease of agricultural lands, Agricultural Development Agreement, land pricing, farm development assistance and utility easements. One Schedule completes the Regulations.

Implements: Lands Act (R.S.Y. 2002, c. 132). (2014)

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