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The purpose of the present Law is to regulate waterworks, the use and protection of waters, management of water resources as well as the protection of soil, sanitation of polluted areas and waste management. The Law applies to all public and private waters, soil and polluted sites in the area of the Canton. The text consists of 179 articles divided into 10 Parts as follows: Principles and general provisions (1); Waterworks (2); Use of waters (3); Water protection (4); Urban water management (5); Waste Water Fund (6); Soil, polluted sites and Toxic Waste Fund (7); Waste management (8); Common provisions (9); Transitional and final provisions (10).

Implemented by: Ordinance on the Waste Water and Toxic Waste Fund. (2010-09-01)
Implemented by: Ordinance on water, soil and waste (Water, Soil, Waste Ordinance). (2009-12-22)
Implemented by: Cantonal Ordinance on property owners’ contributions and fees. (2013-03-01)
Implemented by: Ordinance relating to the Energy Law on state contributions (Energy Law Contribution Ordinance). (2012-09-25)
Implements: Loi fédérale sur l'aménagement des cours d'eau. (2011-01-01)
Repeals: Cantonal Ordinance on waste. (2000-01-01)

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