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Library Real Property Representative Act.

Real Property Representative Act.

Real Property Representative Act.

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This Act provides that real estate over which a person executes by will a general power of appointment, as if it were real estate vested in him, without a right in any other person to take by survivorship, shall on his death, notwithstanding any testamentary disposition, devolve to and become vested in his personal representative(s), as if it were a chattel real vesting in them or him. Probate and letters of administration may be granted in respect of real estate only (without personal property) and if such probate and letters of administration is vested in the Administrator-General or Crown Solicitor, as the case may be, and there are no heirs, the estate shall devolve to the Administrator-General or Crown Solicitor. The Act concerns other rights of personal representatives and other matters relative to inheritance.

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