Law No. 169-Z “On the objects pertaining to exclusive state property and types of activities that can be carried out exclusively by the state.” | Land Portal

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The scope of this Law shall be to protect public interests with a view of ensuring territorial integrity, national, economic and energetic security, social protection of the population, environmental protection, rational management of natural resources and conservation of historical and cultural heritage. The following objects shall pertain to exclusive public ownership: (a) land – public, agricultural, recreational, historical and cultural heritage, radioactively contaminated, subsoil containing explored mineral deposits; (b) forest fund; (c) water fund; (d) wild fauna species living in natural habitats on the national territory; (e) spent radioactive fuel, radioactive waste and sources of ionizing radiation; (f) geodetic and cartographic materials; (g) environmental monitoring and hydrometeorological observation points; (h) waterworks and drainage and land reclamation systems (Art. 7). Types of activities that can be carried out exclusively by the state: (a) national environmental monitoring system; (b) keeping of state cadastres, registers, classifiers and national state information resources; (c) forest management; (d) land management and land tenure; (e) geodetic, cartographic and mapping; (f) state registration of immovable property and transactions therewith; (g) navigation; (h) genetic engineering (GMO); (i) mining and processing of precious metals, radioactive metals, rare earth metals and gem stones; (k) international trade of fertilizers; and (l) import of freshwater fishes and fish products according to the list validated by the President (Art. 10).

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