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Library Development and Planning Law (2017 Revision).

Development and Planning Law (2017 Revision).

Development and Planning Law (2017 Revision).

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This Act provides principally for the control on the development of land and the planning of development in the Cayman Islands. For this and other purposes, it establishes the Central Planning Authority and the Development Control Board. The Act also concerns acquisition and disposal of land for planning purposes. The Board or the Authority, as the case may be, shall assess and grant permission for proposed development. The Act establishes an Infrastructure Fund and empowers the Governor to establish one or more Development Plan Tribunals for purposes of handling of objections against the approval of a development plan.The Act also, among other things: provides with respect to the development of agricultural land; prohibits the taking of sand, gravel, etc. from beaches without permission of the Authority; empowers the Authority to issue Orders for the preservation of any tree, trees or woodlands; and empowers the Authority to issue Notices requiring the owner or occupier of the waste land to maintain such land as required by the Authority.

Implemented by: Development and Planning Regulations (2013 Revision). (2013-07-31)
Amended by: Development and Planning (Amendment) Law, 2010 (No. 30 of 2010). (2010-07-28)

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