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This Decree approves the General Regulation for Land Concession. This Regulation, consisting of 10 Chapters, specifies the general basis of the legal regime defined by Law No. 9/04. It establishes the legal framework for the concession of free lands within the Republic of Angola. It does not apply for private property lands, which will be regulated by the Civil Code. This Regulation aims at: defining the process of concession, recognition, transmission, usufruct and the end of rights on such lands. Article 15 establishes that community rural land covers complementary areas for shifting-cultivation, transhumance corridors for access of livestock to water sources, pastures and crossings, used to access water or roads to urban agglomerations. It also aims at guaranteeing the necessary information to the legal facts which determine the creation, recognition, acquisition or amendment of such land rights. The Regulation is divided as follows: General provisions (Chap. I); Lands in general (Chap. II); Land reserves (Chap. III); Land conditions (Chap. IV); Land markings (Chap. V); Land concession process (Chap. VI); Substitution in the Concession process and right transmission (Chap. VII); Terms and conditions for concession (Chap. VIII); Cadastre, register and implementing organs for mediation and negotiation (Chap. IX); Final provisions (Chap. X).

Implemented by: Joint Executive Decree No. 470/15 regulating the concession areas for the promotion of ecotourism in protected areas of Angola. (2015-07-14)
Implemented by: Decree No. 120/08 regulating access to land and acquisition of land rights to perform petroleum operations. (2008-12-22)
Implements: Land Act No. 9/04. (2004-11-09)

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