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Library Law on railway safety.

Law on railway safety.

Law on railway safety.
Zakon o sigurnosti u željezničkom prometu.

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This Law regulates the conditions, standards and manner for safe, orderly and free performance of the railway traffic and functioning of the railway system as an important part of the Croatian infrastructure and economy, with a particular regard for the environment impact and possible damage to the ecosystem caused by the performance of railway related activities.Technical requirements are stipulated in order to fully respect the environmental protection standards, physical planning and construction provisions also necessary for a low environmental impact.The requirements for the reconstruction of the existing railway lines to be carried out within the infrastructural band are stipulated by the regulation passed by the Ministry with the approval of the minister responsible for environmental protection, physical planning and construction.The commission for technical inspection shall be appointed by the minister responsible for the environmental protection.This Law is divided into VII Chapters and 113 articles.

Implemented by: Regulation on the official identification card for railway safety inspectors. (2007-11-08)
Amended by: Law amending the Law on railway safety. (2011-05-20)

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