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Library Public Nuisance Dispute Mediation Act.

Public Nuisance Dispute Mediation Act.

Public Nuisance Dispute Mediation Act.

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This Act is enacted to fairly, promptly and effectively handle public nuisance disputes, to safeguard the rights and interests of the people, and to improve social harmony. It consists of 51 articles divided into 4 Chapters: General Provisions; Organizations Handling Public Disputes; Settlement Procedures; Supplementary Provisions.The “public nuisance” in this Act means human activities which destroy the living environment, and damage or endanger public health. Such activities include water pollution, air pollution, soil pollution, noise, vibration, noxious odors, waste, toxic substance pollution, land subsidence, radioactive pollution and other activities designated and officially announced as public nuisances by the central competent authority (art.2).Chapter 2 provides for the establishment of Mediation Committee and the Arbitration Panel. Each special municipality, county or city government shall establish a public nuisance dispute mediation committee to settle public nuisance disputes. The Environmental Protection Agency, Executive Yuan, shall set up a Public Nuisance Dispute Arbitration Panel to arbitrate public nuisance disputes over damage claims unresolved by mediation procedures.Chapter 3 further provides for procedures of mediation and arbitration.

Implemented by: Public Nuisance Dispute Mediation Act Enforcement Rules. (2004-11-24)

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