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Library Land Acquisition Act Chapter 5.04.

Land Acquisition Act Chapter 5.04.

Land Acquisition Act Chapter 5.04.

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August 2000
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This Act sets forth procedures and principles of acquiring any land by the Government for public purposes. The acquisition of lands for public purposes shall only be made by the declaration of the Governor General. In addition, the Governor General may authorize officers for a preliminary survey or other investigation of the land, for the purchase of the land, for setting the borders of the acquired land, and for gathering information. The Governor General may state a decision for the abandonment of acquisition at any time before any land has been acquired compulsorily. When required, a Board of Assessment shall be created by the Governor General to assess, award and apportion compensation in cases for loss of bargain or for damages for breach of contract, in accordance with the provisions of this Act. Furthermore this Act sets forth provisions on the structure and working principles of the Board and the procedures of the jurisdictional transactions regarding compensation. This Act underlines that a claim for compensation shall be made within 12 months, after the date of entry to the land or after the declaration for the acquisition of the land.

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