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January 2004
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This Law is aimed at: protecting the coastal environment, restoring and preserving coasts as a resource of unique value, and preventing and reducing as much as possible any damage to them; preserving the coastal environment and the coastal sand for the benefit and enjoyment of the public, for present and future generations; and establishing principles and limitations for the sustainable management, development and use of the coastal environment. Under the law, sea and shore are considered one integral unit that extends from Israel's territorial waters to 300 meters inland. This entire area is considered a public resource which is to be preserved and protected from damage. The Law, among other things: Prohibits damage to the coastal environment; Assures an open public right of way along the entire length of the shore; Gives the Minister of Environmental Protection authority to impose a fee for the protection of the coastal environment on owners or holders of coastal facilities considered to cause damage to the coastal environment (which will be paid to the Maintenance of Cleanliness Fund); Gives the Minister of Environmental Protection authority to issue an order to prevent or remove environmental damage so as to restore the coastal environment to its former state; Gives the Minister of Environmental Protection authority to appoint inspectors to supervise the implementation of the law's provisions; Imposes severe penalties for coastal damage; Establishes a Protection of the Coastal Environment Committee, which is responsible for decisions on coastal development plans, taking into account such considerations as preventing damage to the coastal environment, preserving the coast for public benefit, assuring public access to the coast, and conserving nature, landscape and heritage values. The Law also applies to the Sea of Galilee.

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