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January 2023
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This report is part of a collaboration between the Zamorano University (Honduras) and CIMMYT for the mechanization work related with Advances Research Institute (ARIs). The objective of this collaboration is to characterize the current state of agricultural mechanization in Honduras for the production of basic grains (maize, beans, sorghum) and to identify the challenges faced by producers in accessing and adopting mechanized technologies in the region. For this, a directory of actors that distribute, manufacture, or refurbish agricultural machinery was compiled. Four workshops with focus groups and surveys were conducted to determine producers' perceptions of mechanization and determine how mechanization facilitates production and to identify local bottlenecks to mechanize. This information will provide the basis for a review article on the status of mechanization in the region, to be finalized next year. This technical report includes a first draft of literature review for the article, a report on the four workshops that includes the main findings and preliminary results of the mechanization, and a directory of actors.

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Patiño-Espejel, Joshua Esaú , Loon, Jelle van

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