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Library Romania : Energy Sector Rapid Assessment

Romania : Energy Sector Rapid Assessment

Romania : Energy Sector Rapid Assessment

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April 2014
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The energy sector rapid assessment was
conducted by the World Bank for the Government of Romania,
as part of an advisory services program on climate change
and low carbon green growth. The objective of this
assessment is to identify climate change related investment
priorities and necessary implementation support for the
2014-2020 operational programs, with a view to achieving the
European Union (EU) 2020 targets and laying a foundation for
continued de-carbonization of the energy sector. This rapid
assessment focuses on climate change mitigation actions in
power and heat generation and in energy use in
manufacturing, residential, public, and commercial sectors.
Energy use and efficiency in the transport sector is studied
in a separate transport sector rapid assessment. It includes
in-depth investigation of the main energy end-use sectors or
subsectors, low-carbon energy supply optimization based on
long-term energy demand patterns and trends, and the design
and approaches of key energy efficiency intervention
programs, such as thermal retrofit of residential and public
buildings and economization and modernization of district
heating systems.

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