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    focus on land in Africa
    Policy Papers & Briefs
    January, 1978

    Among the main objectives of the Nigerian Land Use Decree of 1978 were:

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    June, 1978

    Le présent décret fixe les modalité d'application de l’ordonnance n° 10 du 5 mars 1976 relative à l'exercice et à l’organisation de la profession de géomètre. A cet effet, ce texte rappelle la liste des travaux énumères à l’article premier de l’ordonnance susmentionnée. Par ailleurs, elle définit l’agrément, la procédure d’agrément et les infractions et sanctions, en application de l’article 5 de l’ordonnance n°10 du 5 mars 1976.

    Met en oeuvre: Ordonnance n° 10 du 5 mars 1976 relative à l'exercice et à l’organisation de la profession de géomètre. (1976-03-05)

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    March, 1978
    New Zealand

    These Regulations, consisting of 12 sections, establish the requirements and conditions to request and benefit from an authorisation to entry to the Titi Islands and other islands adjacent to Stewart Island mentioned in the deed of cession of Stewart Island dated 29 June 1864. Beneficiaries are Rakiura Maori who hold a succession order from the Maori Land Court entitling him/her to any beneficial interest in any beneficial island. In particular, it deals with the birding season establishing a period commencing on 1 April in any year and ending with 31 May in the same year.

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    July, 1978

    Para cumplir los objetivos establecidos por el artículo 2º del Decreto Ley Nº 2811 de 1974, el presente Decreto tiene por finalidad reglamentar las normas relacionadas con el recurso de aguas en todos sus estados, y comprende los siguientes aspectos: 1) El dominio de las aguas, cauces y riberas, y normas que rigen su aprovechamiento sujeto a prioridades, en orden a asegurar el desarrollo humano, económico y social, con arreglo al interés general de la comunidad.

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    Conference Papers & Reports
    December, 1978
    Colombia, South America

    A complete set of guidelines is provided for conducting cassava regional trials. In addition to general guidelines on site selection, exptl. design, planting and harvesting time, and others, specific recommendations are given on technology to be used for the different agronomic practices required, data collection, disease and insect damage evaluations, trial methodology, and strategies for selecting promising var. (CIAT)

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