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    Policy Papers & Briefs
    August, 2009

    Este documento contiene información, análisis, doctrina, legislación comparada y propuestas normativas, relativas al diseño de implementación de autonomías indígenas según la tipología de casos. Los objetivos específicos de la investigación fueron tres: 1. Proporcionar herramientas de información y análisis que faciliten el trabajo legislativo de la Comisión de Descentralización y Participación Popular. 2. Recopilar doctrina y legislación comparada para sustentar las propuestas normativas referidas a la implementación de la autonomía indígena según tipología de casos. 3.

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    August, 2009
    Sierra Leone

    Being an Act to provide for the registration and regulation of companies and for other related matters.

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    Reports & Research
    September, 2009
    Sierra Leone

    This Scoping Mission Report, aimed at identifying the key land policy and land tenure reform issues and processes facing Sierra Leone, is based on extensive consultations with a wide range of stakeholders and review of available literature, undertaken in July 2009. It was commissioned by the Recovery for Development Unit of the UNDP in collaboration with the Ministry of Lands, Country Planning and the Environment. It will serve the purpose of enhancing public dialogue and programme development on land reform, and to also guide the coordination of initiatives and resource mobilization.

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    National Policies
    September, 2009
    United Kingdom

    The Strategy's vision by 2030 aims at soils being managed sustainably and degradation threats tackled successfully. This will improve the quality of England’s soils and safeguard their ability to provide essential services for future generations.

  5. Library Resource
    August, 2009

    Mediante el presente Decreto se crea el Fondo de Asentamientos Humanos y se establece su entidad ejecutora. El Fondo está finalizado a financiar la ejecución de Programas de Asentamientos Humanos en lo referido a: a) identificación, organización y traslado de los beneficiarios; b) provisión de infraestructura provisional para el establecimiento de las familias beneficiarias; c) la implementación de servicios básicos en los núcleos de aposentamiento; d) la provisión y producción de alimentos para el autoconsumo en los primeros meses del aposentamiento.

  6. Library Resource
    Managing environmentally-induced migration in drylands: The Win-Win Strategy cover image
    Policy Papers & Briefs
    August, 2009

    Human activities have resulted in unprecedented phenomena and severe impacts for the 21st century such as land degradation, natural resources scarcity, climate change, and a rapid decline in biodiversity. These alterations engender secondary effects such as political conflicts, disputes over resources, social disruptions and sudden shocks of catastrophic weather events which are becoming more frequent in critical regions of the world, particularly in drylands; and exacerbate threats for human, national and international security.

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    Journal Articles & Books
    August, 2009
    Ethiopia, Eastern Africa

    Agricultural production in Ethiopia is characterised by subsistence orientation, low productivity, low level of technology and inputs, lack of infrastructures and market institutions, and extremely vulnerable to rainfall variability. It has a rapidly increasing population currently close to 74 million and yet about 39 percent of the population lives on absolute poverty of less than a $1 a day poverty line while close to 80 percent falls below US $2 a day poverty line.

  8. Library Resource
    Reports & Research
    August, 2009
    Colombia, South America

    The Sustaining inclusive Collective Action that Links across Economic and Ecological Scales in upper watersheds (Scales) project fits mainly in People and Water in Catchments Theme (Theme

    2) of the CPWF. Its goal is to contribute to poverty alleviation in the upper watersheds of the

    tropics through improved collective action for watershed resource management within and across

    social-spatial scales. Scales worked though an integrated program of collaborative action

    research, development, and capacity building in key catchments of the Nile and Andes basins, as

  9. Library Resource
    Reports & Research
    August, 2009
    India, Asia

    “The Strategic Analysis of India’s National River Linking Project”: In 2005, the

    International Water Management Institute (IWMI) and the Challenge Program on Water

    and Food (CPWF) started a three-year research study on “Strategic Analysis of India’s River Linking Project”. The primary focus of the IWMI-CPWF project is to provide the public and the policy planners with a balanced analysis of the social benefits and costs ofthe National River Linking Project (NRLP).

    The project consists of research in three phases. Phase I analyzed India’s water future

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