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    July, 2005

    This Order sets forth the provisions for organization of nature reserve (Annex 1), biosphere reserve (Annex 2), national park (Annex 3), landscape park (Annex 4) and protection of the territory of the aforesaid protected areas. It defines the tasks, content, procedure for the development, approval and implementation of the Project for the organization of the territory of the aforesaid protected areas and the protection of their natural complexes. The afore-mentioned requirements shall be mandatory in the process of development, approval and implementation of the land-use planning project.

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    August, 2004

    The present Regulation establishes the mechanism of elaboration of the land use planning projects on the territories of protected areas, and territories of recreation and cultural heritage. The aforesaid land use planning projects shall be elaborated in conformity with: 1) decision by rural administration, local self-government, regional, district of city administration authorized to make decisions as regards the allotment of the plots of land; 2) contract concluded between landowner, land tenant and the developers of the land use planning projects; 3) sentence of the court.

  3. Library Resource
    January, 2012

    This Order establishes the procedure for the issuance of permits for the use of land and reservoirs located in the sanitary protection zone of a nuclear installation, facility destined for radioactive waste management and uranium processing site.

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    International Conventions or Treaties
    July, 2014
    Ukraine, Belarus

    The Parties have agreed to validate the Regulation on demarcation of the state border between the Republic of Belarus and Ukraine in accordance with the Annex 1, containing provisions for survey and mapping of the state border, installation of state border signs in accordance with the validated samples.

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    December, 2012

    This Order establishes that administration of the State Land Cadastre shall be intended implementation of measures and arrangements for setting up and keeping software of the State Land Cadastre, technical and technological support thereof and preservation and protection of the information and data contained therein. The administrator of the State Land Cadastre shall be responsible for access to information for the purpose of viewing, research, copying and printing of the information published on the official web-site of the State Land Agency.

  6. Library Resource
    May, 2003

    This Law defines the legal, organizational, economic and social principles of conducting smallholding activity. Smallholding (individual peasant farm) shall be a business activity that is carried out without the creation of a legal entity by an individual or by family members or relatives that live together in order to meet their personal needs through the production, processing and consumption of agricultural products, vending of its surpluses and the provision of services using the property of a private peasant farm, also in the field of rural green tourism.

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    January, 2017

    This Instruction determines the procedure for the registration of materials in case of identification by the state inspectors in the sphere of state control over the use and protection of land of violations of legislative requirements on land protection, registration, examination of such violations, as well as appeal and control of proceedings in cases of administrative offences. In case of identification of violations state inspector must draw a report in accordance with the form contained in the Annex 1.

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    September, 2016

    This Order establishes that Chief Regional Department of State Service for Geodesy, Cartography and Cadastre shall be territorial body operating in contact with the head of local self-government in the process of fulfilling its duties and tasks.

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