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    October, 1991
    New Zealand

    The aim of this Act is to provide for certain endowments of dry harbour land to be revested in the Crown or reserved for certain purposes, and to amend certain enactments. Section 4 empowers the Governor-General to declare specified lands vested in local authorities to be revested in the Crown for purpose of conservation (under the Conservation Act 1987), or for the purpose of creating reserves under the Reserves Act 1977.

  2. Library Resource
    June, 1991

    The Law determines principles for land use and land survey in Latvia. Its purpose is to protect the rights of land users and regulate the basic regulations for land use. The norms of this Law are applicable if the Law on Completion of State and Local Government Property Privatisation and Utilisation of Privatisation Certificates does not prescribe otherwise.

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    December, 1991

    The Act regulates simplified procedure for proving unlawfulness of expropriation of property in Estonia. If a natural person having been the owner of property was forced to abandon his or her property during the period between 16 June 1940 and 1 January 1954 due to escaping from his or her place of residence or the location of property or in connection with refusing to return to Estonia while staying abroad, the property must be deemed to be abandoned due to a real danger of repression.

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    November, 1991

    The Law prescribes the procedures for performance of the land reform in the cities of the Republic of Latvia. The objective of the land reform is to reorganise the legal, social and economic relationships of a land property and the use of land in cities during the gradual denationalisation, conversion, privatisation of State property and unlawfully alienated land properties in order to promote formation of city building corresponding to the interests of society, protection and rational utilisation of land.

  5. Library Resource
    October, 1991
    United Kingdom

    This Act defines the powers and functions of the Manx Utilities Authority as established by article 4 of the Transfer of Functions (Manx Utilities Authority) Order 2014 and the Department of Infrastructure, and provides with respect to collection and distribution of water in the Isle of Man. Some provisions concern water pollution. The Authority shall comply with such directions regarding the exercise of its functions as may be given by the Department.

  6. Library Resource
    National Policies
    January, 1992

    This Statement outlines agreed objectives and policies for the future of Australia's public and private forests. The Governments share a vision of ecologically sustainable management of Australia's forests. This vision has a number of important characteristics: 1) The unique character of the Australian forested landscape and the integrity and biological diversity of its associated environment is retained. 2) The total area of forest is increased. 3) There is a 'holistic' approach to managing forests for all their values and uses so as to optimise benefits to the community.

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    April, 1991

    This Decree puts into effect the "Land Code" of the RSFSR. In the meantime the legislation of the RSFSR is applicable within the limits that it doesn't contradict the "Land Code" of the RSFSR. The "Land Code" is applicable to offences committed after its validation except for the offences liable to the articles 47-51 that are applicable after the validation of the Law of the RSFSR regarding land charges.

  8. Library Resource
    February, 1991

    An Act to set new environmental policy standards by giving water and soil associations new rural management duties. Moreover, associations can promote cooperation between water management and agriculture while further developing the protection of water, soil and nature. Finally, the associations can be assigned tasks within the framework of set-aside land. The Act grants the associations a far-reaching right to self-administration as, for instance, the power to issue by-laws; furthermore, association may be established also by a decision of its members and not only ex-officio.

  9. Library Resource
    October, 1991

    La presente Ley introduce el marco normativo que rige las acciones tendientes a la conservación del suelo agrícola, es decir al mantenimiento y mejoramiento de su capacidad productiva.

  10. Library Resource
    June, 1991

    The present Law lays down provisions relating to the managEent of land registers in the Land of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern. Article 1 establishes that land registries have to be kept by the tribunals of first instance and that the relevant Land Registry Ordinance is to be applied. The text consists of 6 articles as follows: Competence (1); Employees of the Land Registry Office and their responsibility (2); Establishment and management of the Land Registry (3); Mining Property Register (4); transitional provisions (5); Entry into force (5).

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