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    November, 2014

    This Decision, consisting of 24 articles divided into five Chapters, applies to the payment of compensations, support and resettlement of people in areas under the following projects: a) Irrigation and hydropower projects prescribed in Clause 1, Article 87 of the 2013 Land Law; b) Projects approved by the Prime Minister, including hydropower projects proposed by the Ministry of Industry and Trade and irrigation projects proposed by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development; c) Irrigation and hydropower projects prescribed at Point a of this Clause, which are funded with ODA but not

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    July, 2005

    This Decree, consisting of 19 articles divided into six Parts, defines principles, rules, and measures to mitigate adverse social impacts and to compensate damages that result from involuntary acquisition or repossession of land and fixed or movable assets, including change in land use, restriction of access to community or natural resources affecting community livelihood and income sources.

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    Legislation & Policies
    October, 2014

    An Act to provide for measures to curb organized attempts to grab lands whether belonging to the Government, wakf or the Hindu Religious Institutions and Charitable Endowments, local authorities or other statutory or non-statutory bodies owned or controlled or managed by the Government.

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    Sri Lanka, Asia, Southern Asia

    This Act regulates the power of the competent authorities to take possession, with the prior approval of the President, of any land for any of the following purposes: (a) maintenance of supplies or services essential to the life of the community; (b) implementation of schemes regarding the import, storage or distribution of commodities by any Government department, local authority, corporation of cooperative society; (c) use or occupation by the armed forces or any visiting force (sect. 2).

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    Lei n. 10/2013 (Lei de terras).

    Macao S.A.R, Asia, Eastern Asia

    This Land Law, consisting of 14 Chapters, divided into 223 articles, establishes the legal regime for land management, in particular for constitution, exercise, modification, transmission and extinction of the right of land use and exploitation within the State of the Special Administrative Region of Macau, (called RAEM).

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    An Ordinance to establish a Lands Tribunal and to provide for matters connected therewith.

    China, Eastern Asia, Asia

    This Ordinance provides for the establishment of the Lands Tribunal and defines its compositions and functions.The Lands Tribunal shall be a court of record and shall deal with legal disputes over land.

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    Armenia, Western Asia, Asia

    This Law regulates relations dealing with geodetic and cartographic activity. Geodetic and cartographic activity shall be classified as national and local. National activity shall include zoning, mapping and licensing of geodetic and cartographic activity.

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    Armenia, Western Asia, Asia

    Land Code defines the basic directions of State regulatory system improvement concerning land relations, development of various organizational and legal forms of land economy, fertility of land, improvement of land use efficiency, protection and improvement of the environment – favourable for human life and health, and the legal framework concerning the protection of the land rights. Ownership, use and disposition of land must not damage the environment, security and defensibility of the State; must not violate rights and legally defined interests of citizens and other entities.

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    Russia, Uzbekistan, Asia, Central Asia

    Lease is temporary fee-based possession, use and management on contractual basis of land, other natural resources and property necessary to lessee for carrying out autonomously economic and other activity. The document consists of 4 sections that contain 32 articles. Section 1 (arts. 1-19) lays down general provisions. Section 2 (arts. 20-28) regards lease of enterprises. Section 3 (arts. 29-30) regards lease of property by citizens. Section 4 (arts. 31-32) regards dispute settlement and establishes liability of the subjects of lease relations.

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    Azerbaijan, Western Asia, Asia

    The present Law regulates general rules of transfer of municipal land into ownership, land tenure and lease with the consideration of the particulars of its management, and legal relations in the sphere of its tenure and conservation. The Law consists of 6 Sections that contain 28 articles. Section 1 (arts. 1-5) lays down general provisions. Section 2 (arts. 6-11) establishes the particulars of transfer of municipal land into ownership, land tenure and lease. Section 3 (arts. 12-16) establishes general rules of management of municipal land. Section 4 (arts.

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