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    July, 2017

    Article 11 shall be amended to add the following wording: “Transfer of forest land into other categories of land shall be prohibited in the following cases: (a) Group I forests; (b) Group II - protection of ecosystems in forests, except in specified cases; (c) in groups III - in forests of protected areas and in protected areas of state reserves, except for specific cases; (d) in other forests located one kilometer from the Baltic Sea and the Curonian Spit, in recreational forests of Group II and in protected areas, field protection and national park protection zones of Group III except for

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    September, 2017

    This Act converts the National Special Risks Insurance Association established in terms section 21 of the Companies Act, 2004 into a public company having a share capital, with shares held by the State. It also determines the nature and ambit of the special risks that the Company may underwrite and the role of the State in the short-term insurance industry as regards special risks and to reduce the reinsurance risk exposure of the State. One of the risks that may be covered is loss in respect of a mortgage loan. Risks may arise from political strife or public disorder.

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    National Policies
    January, 2017

    The National Environment Strategy and Action Plan (NESAP) 2016-2023 is developed in accordance with the the Constitution and 1996 Law on Environmental Protection and Natural Resource Management. It is aligned to Rectangular Strategy Phase III (RSIII), that reaffirms the RGC’s mission and commitment to sustainable development and poverty reduction responding to the people’s will and changing contexts of national and international developments.

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    December, 2017

    La présente loi comprend deux articles. L’art. 1 comporte la Première partie du Code de l’environnement, à savoir les dispositions législatives. L’art. 2 abroge deux lois (Loi n° 834 du 28/12/1967 relative aux bruits troublant la tranquillité publique, Loi n° 954 du 19/04/1964 concernant la lutte contre la pollution de l’air et de l’eau), et maintient l’applicabilité en tant que besoin de leurs textes d’application non contraires au Code (jusqu’à la promulgation des textes d’application du Code).

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    Legislation & Policies
    June, 2017

    Zambia remains committed to the socio-economic development planning of the country as reflected by the return to development planning in 2005. The Seventh National Development Plan (7NDP) for the period 2017- 2021 is the successor to the Revised Sixth National Development Plan, 2013-2016 (R-SNDP) following its expiry in December 2016. The Plan, like the three national development plans (NDPs) that preceded it, is aimed at attaining the long-term objectives as outlined in the Vision 2030 of becoming a “prosperous middle-income country by 2030”.

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