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    April, 2013

    The Act regulates industrial emissions in Estonia. Its purpose is to achieve a high level of protection of the environment taken as a whole by minimizing emissions into air, water and soil and the generation of waste in order to prevent adverse environmental impacts. The Act determines the industrial activities of high environmental hazard, provides the requirements for operation therein and liability for failure to comply with the requirements, and the organisation of state supervision.

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    October, 2016

    The Act regulates the Earth’s crust in Estonia. Its purpose is to ensure sustainable and economically efficient use of the earth's crust and to reduce environmental nuisances arising thereby to the greatest extent possible.

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    November, 2016

    This Act concerns the development and management of geothermal resources for purposes of obtaining geothermal energy. It establishes the Geothermal Resources Advisory Committee. “Geothermal energy” means the energy derived or derivable from and produced within the earth by natural heat phenomena, and includes geothermal water. The Geothermal Resources Advisory Committee shall advise the Minister on development of geothermal energy.

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    October, 2005

    La presente Ley tiene por objeto tipificar como delitos contra el medio ambiente y los recursos naturales, las acciones u omisiones que violen o alteren las disposiciones relativas a la conservación, protección, manejo, defensa y mejoramiento del ambiente y los recursos naturales, así como, el establecimiento de la responsabilidad civil por daños y perjuicios ocasionados por las personas naturales o jurídicas que resulten con responsabilidad comprobada.

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    July, 2015
    Republic of Korea

    The purpose of this Act is to prescribe matters necessary for the observation of, prevention of, provision against, and action against earthquakes, tsunami, and volcano, earthquake-proof measures, and research and technical development to reduce earthquake disasters and volcano disasters in order to protect the life and property of the people and major infrastructure from disasters due to earthquakes, tsunami, and volcano.

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    April, 2015

    La présente loi modifie et complète les dispositions des articles 2 (Terminologie), 3 (Gestion durable des ressources halieutiques), 6 (Industries et ports de pêche),16 (Autorité de pêche et plans d’aménagement et de gestion des pêcheries), 21 (Exercice de l’aquaculture), 24, 25, 30, 31, 34 (Autorité et autorisation de de permis de pêche), 35 (Pêche aux grands migrateurs halieutiques), 36 (Pêche au corail), 37 (Exploitation des algues marines ), 49 (Détention à bord du navire ainsi que l’usage, de manière ù volontaire, de substances chimiques, de toutes matières explosives ), 53, 63, 67 de

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    May, 2016

    This Act provides rules for the prospecting for and mining of minerals specified in the First Schedule to this Act. Save to the extent provided for in this Act, it shall not apply to matters relating to petroleum and hydrocarbon gases. The Cabinet Secretary responsible for mining, the Principal Secretary of the responsible ministry and any person shall be guided by the values and principles enshrined in the Constitution and in particular Articles 10, 66 (2), 201 (c) and (d), and 232 of the Constitution and the principles of leadership and integrity.

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    November, 2000

    Basée sur l’ordonnance n° 2000-914 du 18 septembre 2000 modifiée par l'ordonnance n° 2012-6 du 5 janvier 2012, la partie législative du Code de l'environnement français comprend sept (7) livres, entre autres, les dispositions communes (Livre I); les milieux physiques (Livre II); les espaces naturels (Livre III); le patrimoine naturel (Livre IV); la prévention des pollutions, des risques et des nuisances (Livre V); les dispositions applicables en Nouvelle-Calédonie, en Polynésie Française, à Wallis et Futuna, dans les terres australes et antarctiques françaises et à Mayotte (Livre VI); et la

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    July, 2002

    This Law is composed of 7 Parts divided into 68 articles. Part I deals with fundamental principles and general provisions. Part II provides for regulating the environment protection especially the following matters: environmental planning; Environment National Council; financing environment protection through the establishment of a national environmental fund; and the mechanism of environmental pollution control. Part III refers to the Environment Information System and the participation in environment management and protection. Part IV relates to the Environmental Impact Assessment.

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    May, 2014

    La presente Ley establece normas orientadas a garantizar a todas las personas el efectivo ejercicio del derecho al acceso a la información pública, a través de la implementación de las modalidades, plazos, excepciones y sanciones correspondientes, que promuevan la trasparencia del Estado.

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