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    Proyecto Opciones de Políticas para el Fomento del Desarrollo de Mercados de Tierras Agrícolas, con el Fin de Facilitar la Transferencia de Tierras a Pequeños Agricultores

    Institutional & promotional materials
    December, 1999

    Resumen Este informe se basó en informaciones cualitativas y cuantitativas obtenidas tanto a nivel nacional como de dos estudios de caso: Los Llanos de la Provincia de La Rioja y Los Valles Calchaquíes de la Provincia de Salta. Aquí también se incorporó a modo comparativo la zona del bolsón de Arauco y Chilecito en la Provincia de La Rioja por su gran importancia actual en el mercado de tierras rurales en esta provincia. En ambos casos se realizaron visitas de campo y entrevistas locales.

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    Journal Articles & Books
    December, 1999

    Este atlas presenta la documentacion de una serie de bases de datos de los recursos naturales de Cajamarca, Peru. Incluye datos de altitud, suelos, clima, y uso de la tierra. Ademas incluye una descripcion breve de los recursos naturales de Cajamarca. su uso y sus usuarios. Las bases de datos estan disponibles a traves del Internet.

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    January, 2000

    This Act consists of 44 sections divided into 3 Parts. It regulates livestock and agricultural operations. It includes regulations for spreading manure or compost for all livestock operations in Alberta. The manure spreading regulations include requirements for manure incorporation, soil nitrogen and salinity limits, setback distances, record keeping and soil testing. The Natural Resources Conservation Board is responsible for the inspection, approval and authorization of livestock operations (for example seasonal feeding and bedding sites) and manure application.

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    January, 2000
    Nicaragua, Latin America and the Caribbean

    While there is a consensus in Nicaragua that the security of property rights is a fundamental constraint to the long run development of the agricultural sector, there has been little empirical analysis to date of the relationship between land rights and rural economic activity.Using household level data collected between December, 1997– April, 1998 within the regions of Leon and Chinandega (known administratively as Region II), this paper investigates the relationship between rural land rights and agricultural credit, investment, and rural incomes (on farm and off farm).Results indicate tot

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    January, 2000
    Latin America and the Caribbean

    Reviews recent practices relating to displacement, resettlement, rehabilitation and development of people negatively affected by the construction of dams, in order to locate the global experiences in dam induced displacement and understand the socio-political context of displacement and resettlement. Further, the assessment focuses on how legal and regulatory instruments facilitating displacement and involuntary resettlement have performed in safeguarding the rights of affected people.

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    Peer-reviewed publication
    December, 1999

    Metropolitan Santiago is one of the many Latin American cities which has been developed according to a spread model of urbanisation. This pattern has caused at least two types of consequences: economic and physical ones. The former is shown in the speculation of land value at the rural fringe of the metropolitan area which has low prices, these have suddenly increased after the normative changes in the land use, from rural to urban. The later shows location of massive low-income housing and commercial malls regardless connection to the urban fabric and spatial shaping of the existing city.

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