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    Dominica, Caribbean, Americas

    The Act amends the Aliens Landholding Regulation Act by inserting a new section 5A on obligations of aliens who acquire land under section 5. On acquiring land, under section 5 for an approved development the alien shall - (a) make an application for development permission under the Physical Planning Act, 2002 within six months of acquiring the land; and (b) commence construction of the approved development within one year of receipt of development permission under the Physical Planning Act, 2002.

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    December, 1978

    The constitution was promulgated by Queen Elizabeth II through an Order in Council at independence.

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    Legislation & Policies
    August, 1872

    This is a resource from the Resource Equity LandWise database of resources.

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    An Act to facilitate leases and sales of settled estates.

    Dominica, Caribbean, Americas

    This Act makes provision with respect to transactions involving and rights inherent to settled estates i.e. land, and any estate or interest therein, which is the subject of any at, deed, agreement, will or other instrument, under or by virtue of which any land or any estate or interest in land stands limited to or in trust for any persons by way of succession.

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    An Act relating to small tenaments.

    Dominica, Caribbean, Americas

    This Act makes provision for duties and proceedings in relation with the ending of a tenancy of a small tenement as defined in this Act.If a tenant does not leave the tenement after a notice of the landlord, the Magistrate may, on the application of the landlord, issue a summons in the form as set out in Schedule 1 to this Act. The Act specifies court proceedings in respect of a dispute and provides for compensation of improvements.

    Amended by: Small Tenaments (Amendment) Order (S.R.O. 5 of 1998). (1998-03-05)

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    Dominica, Caribbean, Americas

    This Order amends the Small Tenaments Act in Schedule 2 in relation with fees for legal proceedings.

    Amends: Small Tenaments Act (Cap. 54:71). (1991)

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    An Act to control dealings in lands around the municipal limits of Roseau which may be required for the purposes of town planning schemes.

    Dominica, Caribbean, Americas

    This Act concerns the management of lands within a radius of two miles beyond the municipal boundaries of the city of Roseau (“controlled lands”). No sale or transfer of controlled lands, or any dealing in any right, estate or interest in such lands, or any agreement for the same, shall be of effect in law or equity without the approval of the Development and Planning Corporation. Construction of buildings on controlled lands requires a licence granted for the purpose by the Central Housing and Planning Authority.

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    An Act relating to real estate charges.

    Dominica, Caribbean, Americas

    This Act provides rules relative to the possibility of discharge of debt incurred by heirs of a real estate deriving from mortgage or any other equitable charge. The Act also makes provision with respect of mortgagees in recovering debt and duties of heirs or testators or intestate as regarding debts relating to the estate.

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