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    Policy Papers & Briefs
    December, 2010

    The restructuring of the State Forests National Forest Holding activity also covered the functioning of the existing forest building infrastructure in the forest district administrations. In the paper I present the issues and specificity of forest building engineering, as well as problems connected with the sales of buildings offered by the State Forests National Forest Holding in 1999-2008. To illustrate the process of selling buildings in RDSF, an analysis of real estate foreseen for sale and listed in the -Information Bulletin of State Forests - in 1999 to 2008 was carried out.

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    Rozporzadzenie w sprawie szczegolowych zasad nabywania przez kierownikow jednostek organizacyjnych Lasow Panstwowych lasow, gruntow przeznaczonych do zalesienia oraz innych nieruchomosci stanowiacych wlasnosc osob fizycznych i prawnych.

    Poland, Eastern Europe, Europe

    This Regulation of the Minister of Environment Protection, Natural Resources and Forestry is composed of four paragraphs. A forest or land designated for afforestation can be purchased in the following cases: the forest or land is directly adjacent to lands managed by the National Forests; there is no common ownership; the field forest border has been regulated. Other immovables can be purchased as long as it is justified by needs of forest management run by organizational units.

    Implements: Forest Act 1991. (1991-09-28)

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    Ustawa o scalaniu gruntow

    March, 1982
    Europe, Eastern Europe, Poland

    The present Act, which is composed of 35 Paragraphs, has been adopted to ensure the development of agriculture and forestry by improving the area structure of farms, forests and forest lands, and by adapting borders of immovable properties to the system of water drainage, roads and terrain features. Integration applies to lands placed in one or several villages or their parts. However, it does not apply to lands where mining or industrial plants, historic or architectural monuments, sanctuaries, lands used for fishery or allocated for special purposes exist.

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    Ustawa o przejsciu na wlasnosc Pañstwa niektorych lasow i innych gruntow samorzadowych.

    Poland, Eastern Europe, Europe

    The Act, which is composed of ten Paragraphs, establishes that forests and forest lands belonging to self-governing authorities become State-owned property. The same applies to agricultural lands registered as planned to become forests. The transfer shall be accepted by the Minister of Forestry and by the Council of the State.

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    Rozporzadzenie w sprawie zasad i trybu przeprowadzania przetargu na sprzedaz lasow, gruntow i innych nieruchomosci znajdujacych sie w zarzadzie Lasow Pañstwowych.

    Poland, Eastern Europe, Europe

    The Regulation of the Minister of Environment, Natural Resources and Forestry, which is composed of five Chapters, establishes that the auction to sale forests, lands or other immovable properties managed by the State Forests, is organized by a special commission which consists of 3 to 7 members. The commission selects the sale method (Chapters 2-4).

    Implements: Forest Act 1991. (1991-09-28)

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