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  1. Library Resource
    landesa guide book
    Manuals & Guidelines
    March, 2020

    This guide takes communities and their leaders, and 'ocal and national civil society organisations, through the steps needed to ensure that land investments in the community are carried out inclusively and responsibly.

  2. Library Resource
    Knowledge into action
    Manuals & Guidelines
    March, 2018

    This note is part of an Action Notes series and provides examples of tools that government agencies can adapt to their national context and use to develop the technical capacity to screen and select investors.

  3. Library Resource
    Manuals & Guidelines
    March, 2018

    This note is part of an Action Notes series and provides guidance to governments on how to screen and select prospective investment projects to ensure they maximize the social, economic, and environmental benefits while minimizing the risks. It provides investors information on what can be expected in cases of good screening practice.

  4. Library Resource
    Manuals & Guidelines
    March, 2018

    This note is part of an Action Notes series and provides guidance for governments and companies on good practice in occupational health and safety policies, programs, procedures and processes, a matter of critical importance given that half the world’s working population is in agriculture

  5. Library Resource
    human rights
    Manuals & Guidelines
    April, 2020

    This publication provides institutional investors with practical guidance on how to prevent, mitigate, and address negative impacts on human rights defenders in investment portfolios.

  6. Library Resource
    trainer's guide
    Manuals & Guidelines
    March, 2013

    This training toolkit aims to sensitize government agents about land administration, develop their capacity to address issues of corruption and to enhance transparency in the land sector. It focuses specifically on land administration with a view to filling the capacity development gap in the land administration sector. Training content covers key themes clustered into different training sessions related to land governance, transparency, land administration and tools that could help bring about transparency. It comes with a trainer's guide.

  7. Library Resource


    Reports & Research
    November, 2020
    South America

    Este documento propone que la gobernanza colectiva de la tierra otorga derechos y contribuye a reducir las desigualdades en el interior de las comunidades, y las existentes entre estas, y la población e institucionalidad de su entorno.

  8. Library Resource
    local procurement west africa
    Manuals & Guidelines
    February, 2015
    Western Africa

    This document provides information, guidance and tools to support decision-making, planning and implementation of mining local procurement, in particular at a country level. It can be used by individual role players as well as form the basis of consultative processes. The guide can also support regional harmonization relating to mining local procurement. Although based on West Africa, it will be a useful resource in other regions.

  9. Library Resource
    public private partnership projects
    Manuals & Guidelines
    May, 2015

    This framework provides guidance on policy and practice in public-private partnerships and on the mechanics of disclosure by practitioners within governments and the private sector, to help develop programmes for the systematic, proactive pre- and post- procurement disclosure of information.

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